Einstein bot

Einstein bot

Sometimes these vendors change their interfaces and we cannot keep up, please see the following helpful info to get through the lab:

You may see an error that states, “You don’t have permission to execute that operation.” No worries, as long as you have the “on” selected in the first image of the instructions (and it stays on), you can ignore the red error.

Also, you may be missing some options such as, “To provide your customers with a menu of options for interacting with your Einstein Bot click next to Bot Options Menu and select Edit. Select the Enable Einstein Bots Options Menu checkbox and click Save.” (found in section 3d and 3e).


Learn to build an Einstein Bot that can help customers with simple questions.
Help students learn to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) in a Information Systems.
Help students learn to transform a business process to a system that helps customers accomplish their task(s).

[VIDEO] WHAT IS AN EINSTEIN BOT? (Links to an external site.)


Please follow instructions here: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/projects/build-an-einstein-bot (Links to an external site.)
Follow the instructions to setup a trailhead account. Click on SIGN UP and it’s best to use your gmail to create a new account. Switch to “Relaxed CSP” (rather than the CSP setting given in the instructions).
Complete the trailhead basics module in order to launch your own Trailhead Playground. Read this if you face Error in launching your playground. download
Run the chat Setup as guided in the instructions.
Create a business process. This business process should document the conversation between your customer and your BOT. For example, the first step in the process should be the bot’s automated introduction and menu display. What is a business process?
Create your own Einstein bot in the chat with a unique name and greeting message.
Build a chat dialog and submenu for your bot according to the given example.
Test your bot’s capability with the ‘order status’ dialog.
Follow instructions for submission below.


Create a WORD document.
Submit a business process for the task (2 pt).
Submit a screenshot of your name and badges/points. Note that the verification process of each step should award you with a total of 500 points and a badge.
Submit a screenshot of the ‘order status’ conversation as outlined in the instructions (6 pt).