Effects of long distance running on female athletes

Effects of long distance running on female athletes compare to men. Extreme activities enable physiological mechanisms to be most fully involved. A marathon race is a prime example of an extreme activity. The marathon race is a long-distance race, finished by running, strolling, or a run/walk technique. Marathon running has evolved as one of the world’s popular running experiences. It is particularly interesting because a moderate load, typical for it, lasts for hours, which enables multiple physiological measurements to be carried out. Materials and Methods: This was a poll-based examination. A questionnaire with 10 questions was distributed among 50 female marathon runners mainly deals about the knowledge on physiological impacts on marathon practice. Data were collected and analyzed by statistics. Results: From the information, unmistakably, there is a good knowledge on the physiological effects of marathon among the female athletes, yet they are not very well knowledgeable in some areas. Conclusion: The measurable results of this survey indicated that most of individuals are aware of the physiological changes that occur in their body during marathon run

Effects of long distance running on female athletes

Continuing improvements in the performance of female endurance runners and increasing levels of participation have generated the need to know more about the physiology of this group. Specific research is needed in this area, as data referring to male endurance runners cannot legitimately be applied to the female endurance runner because of their markedly different physiological and hormonal profiles. Recent developments in our understanding of an athlete’s physiology (mainly in relation to the male endurance runner) have revealed new areas of interest that need to be assessed with specific reference to the female athlete. Relatively little attention has been directed towards identifying the major physiological characteristics of the highly trained/elite female endurance runner in general, and that which has been published on such factors and the effects of the menstrual cycle have produced equivocal results. Moreover, the impact of such training upon the menstrual cycle and endurance running performance is a controversial area, especially when assessing its subsequent impact on health-related issues. Reports of the condition referred to as the ‘female athlete triad’ have increased in recent years, with a decrease in bone mineral density predisposing the female athlete to increased risks of stress fractures. 

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