Effects of Google search on student life

Effects of Google search on student life. Your final essay is what we have been working toward all semester. In the final essay you will combine all the different aspects of your research and work to present a strong advocacy argument where you stake out a position and argue in favor of a solution or perspective related to your topic.
When we think of the act of advocating and when we imagine a person or an organization who is an advocate for a cause, we think of strongly held opinions delivered with intensity from a rhetorical position that appears unshakable, deeply confident in the ethical rightness of its arguments and the accuracy of its knowledge. If we look at advocacy in such ways, we can understand why it takes time to become a convincing advocate, and that advocacy, even when it is delivered in the form of a thesis-driven composition, is a form of argumentation that can be quite different from the balanced arguments we often think of as academic writing even if it is as rigorous in its presentation of evidence.

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