Effects of Fast Food

Effects of Fast Food Fast food is an alternate solution to appease hunger. These days many parents are busy in their time consuming jobs and teenagers are lazy to bring food. It is rather simple to buy food in few minutes. Even though it is quick and easy, it is addictive which causes major health problems and money issues. Many people are attracted to the sensational, salty French fries from McDonalds, carbonated water with loads of colored dye and sugar supplements, soda, feisty, tasty hamburgers from Carls Jr. nd A & W, and small packets of spicy, artificial sauces available at Taco Bell to accompany “Mexican” food. Fast food has progressed where these multibillionaire restaurants can be seen across the world such as: Mexico, Japan, India, and Britain. People are unaware of the content of nutritional value in fast foods. The main substance that enters the body is unhealthy oil that has been reused with many other delight foods available in the limited menu.
Scientists have indicated that the continuation of digesting excess amounts of unhealthy ingredients will lead to addiction. It is similar to smoking, but the addiction is not as strong as the smoking. This addiction can lead to serious consequences for health. As seen in many adults who are obese, fast food causes teenagers and adults to gain extra fat and develop a high cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can result in diabetes.
Diabetic patients are prone to heart disease in the future. Many Americans have visited the doctor more than once and have received more bills than paychecks. High cholesterol and blood pressure are major concerns that should be brought up with a primary care physician. Eating these unhealthy delights causes many doctor visits. The doctor checks for seriousness of problems and chooses if the patient should visit a specialist or start a treatment. Doctor prescribes medicines that might not be covered by insurances.

As a result, fast food can lead to a future of debt and sorrow. Fast food may be a right decision at the moment and probably will sound good to your stomach; however, you will increase your chance of getting sick and developing a disease in the near future. Many people now are regretting that the treatments to treat the diseases cost much more money than buying that five-dollar, oily, unhealthy piece of addiction. Fast food is not the solution to daily routine food. It should be avoided as much as possible.

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