effects of discrimination in the United States

effects of discrimination in the United States. The extent of reported discrimination across several areas of life suggests a broad pattern of discrimination against blacks in America, beyond isolated experiences. Black‐white disparities exist on nearly all dimensions of experiences with public and private institutions, including health care and the police. Evidence of systemic discrimination suggests a need for more active institutional interventions to address racism in policy and practice.

Institutional Discrimination

From 2009 to 2016, the Obama administration established several policies aimed at reducing institutional discrimination against racial/ethnic minorities in the United States, including policies in health care, college admissions, housing, and fair lending. However, with the Trump administration beginning to roll back these efforts in 2017, the future of reducing racial bias through federal policy and the resulting effects on minority groups have become uncertain. While recent surveys have documented large gaps between whites and blacks in their general beliefs about discrimination in the United States today.

effects of discrimination: Focus

  • Choose a topic of personal interest or connection to you. For instance, perhaps you belong to a family of recent immigrants or a national minority and have experienced the effects of discrimination, or you are interested in the issue of recognition. If you belong to any of the minorities discussed in the course, or have a close connection to one of them, you may identify with specific issues and want to learn more. Try to choose a topic to which you can relate personally.
  • Make sure you narrow your topic down by focusing on one of its specific aspects or areas. Before you do this, you need to start your literature review (research) to become more knowledgeable about the broad topic that tickles your curiosity and to tease out its various aspects. This assignment will allow you to go deeper in your understanding of your specific, narrowed-down topic; choosing too broad a topic will result in a superficial essay.
  • Start your literature review early! This review is an opportunity to learn more about the broad topic that you are interested in and to find the specific aspect that you want to focus on and appropriately narrow down.

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