Effects of COVID19 on the Beauty Industry

Effects of COVID19 on the Beauty Industry. Write an in depth 3 full pages Article (10 point font) on the effects of COVID-19 on the Beauty Industry. I have attached the article’s assignment details/ guidelines. The main argument of the Article is will legacy brands like Estee Lauder be wiped out? And I am arguing that no they will not be wiped out. But for this assignment (article) I must address both sides to the argument (of course) focusing more on my side which is no they will not be. Don’t put in too much research into the opposing side, but they must be valid points.

Effects of COVID19 on the Beauty Industry

This is the thesis statement that must be used (it was approved by my professor):

Critics have argued that legacy brands such as Estee Lauder are on the decline from COVID-19, as evidence by a drop in revenue and a shift in consumer preference for cheaper alternatives. However, legacy brands will continue to outperform smaller companies because of their financial and manufacturing resources.

I have also attached a draft/ paper I bought previously that my professor said didn’t have enough details/ research done to argue my argument. Effects of COVID-19 on the Beauty Industry.


To ensure that your paper presents a well-reasoned analysis, you should:

1. Identify your debatable topic

2. Identify the reasons that support your arguments

3. Evaluate the evidence supporting the arguments/refutes

4. Discuss both sides of the issue (include and refute opposing points of view)

5. Deliver your opinion in a strong conclusion

Format requirements for the article:

Your paper should include:

• A title (Arial font, centered, bolded) that gives your reader a clear idea of your paper’s

content like this

“Main Title”

by [Insert Name]

• Informative subheadings (in Arial font)

• Length for the article: at least 3 full pages, but no more than 4 full pages, single-spaced

• Sources: at least 3 can be electronic (journal, periodical and newspaper articles, interviews,

case studies, etc.).

• Formal referencing and a “Works Cited” page in MLA format (sources must be from 2017-

afterwards; “aged” sources will not count).

• 1” margins all around, Times New Roman 10 point for the body.

• Visual aids are optional.

• Page numbers are required.

As a critical thinker, reader and writer, you carefully have to evaluate your sources in terms

of their “soundness” and credibility.

a. What sources are the articles based on?

b. Does the content have merit, or is anything deceptive?

c. Do you agree or disagree?

d. Does the research/evidence leave anything unanswered?

Many students include the counterarguments and refutations just before the conclusion, after

fully building their own case. However, some include several counterarguments and refute

them throughout the article. The structure is entirely up to you

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