Effects of bullying in children and Society

Effects of bullying in children and Society. Bullying has a tri-factor effect; it affects the victim, the bully, and any witness. Defining the term ‘bullying’ may appear simple but the context does not always fit the stereotype of an older kid beating or harassing a younger or smaller classmate. In reality, bullying encompasses multifaceted behavior that is influenced by the situation, the people, the place as well as the time.

In defining bullying, it has been projected as an unwanted aggressive behavior that is monotonous, redundant and destructive and also involves power based behavior in school aged children (Jan and Hussain, 2015). As a serious problem mostly evident in schools it creates social problems and health risks and requires intervention from schools, parents and policy makers. Bullying in children leads to somatic health problems, mental health issues in the victims while bullies are subject to delinquent behavior.

Bullying victims are subject to somatic and psychosomatic health problems. Wolka and Lereya (2015) in their article on the long term effects of bullying note children who have been victims of bullying experience somatic health problems such as colds and psychosomatic problems such as sleeping problems, stomach aches, and headaches. Bullying victims have an increased risk of developing adverse outcomes that include physical health problems (Wolke et al., 2013).

Effects of bullying in children and Society

Participants in a study by Wolke et al. (2013) who have been victims of bullying reported having been diagnosed with serious illness. The two research studies cited above are important since they highlight the direct impact that bullying has on the victims. While bullying is usually physical as well as psychological, it contributes to some serious health problems that manifest physically.  

Another impact of bullying in children is that it leads to serious mental health issues for the victim. Bullying usually takes place in different forms that include physical and verbal abuse, mockery and even criticizing. Victims of bullying have a higher likelihood of developing internalizing issues and depression or anxiety.

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