Effect of Vandalism

There are many effects that can be seen by the physical and emotional. Vandalism effects not by individuals but also society and the country also adversely impacted due to immoral acts and inconvenient for all parties. Vandalism may affect the individual, community, and country. Most individuals that commit with vandalism just want to release their anger and to meet satisfaction, when the individuals still to perform the same act again will affecting the problem persists. This will indirectly lead to worse things will happen such as robbery or murder.
Vandalism is often underestimated by the local community. They just sit back while the vandalism occurred in front of their eyes. Finally the community will suffer the consequences of the heinous activities. Community is difficult to make contact during emergency situations public phones damaged house is on fire. In addition, the community is not comfortable while using other public property. Such as wet while waiting for the bus at the bus stop roof damage cannot be prevented because of the rain.
Graffiti on the walls of public toilets worsen and encourage the younger generation to emulate this unhealthy. Many vandalism phenomena that can affect the eye can see, and this of course affects the image of the country. Total losses due to acts of vandalism are very large. Allocation of funds used for the new replacement and repair damaged facilities should be better used for other projects that are more beneficial. This course will be beneficial to society as a whole.

This will certainly affect the economy because tourists are not willing to travel to our country due to adverse environmental conditions and attitudes of the people who do not concerned. In effect, the tourism industry will decline. At the same time, this will give a bad impression to the people of that country. The tourism industry contributes to other sectors such as hospitality. The hotel sector will not get reliable reception due to declining travel industry. This causes people unemployed due to lack of employment sectors.

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