Education and Auditory Work Hand

Education and Auditory Work Hand.
My learning style involves all three visual, auditory, and tactile. Using combinations of all three of these learning styles increases my chances of learning and remembering. I find that reading and studying before a test helps me a lot, as well as taking notes and listening to my teachers during class’s. It is also every important to me to reduce stress before I learn. Being a visual learner I learn by reading questions and answers, watching demonstrations and presentations.
I find that underlining in a different color test information I am ble to retain more information visually, also using tools improves the ability to recall more information complete. I can benefit from being an auditory learner by watching videos and participating in group discussions, using word association to remember facts and lines. I also sometimes need to hear information and read out loud to learn, it is sometimes easier for me to listen to somebody talk then for me to read it myself.
Also being a tactile learner i find that sometimes it is easier to learn by drawing pictures nd brainstorming using mind maps, it helps to study with others and take field trips. Hands on experience is a good way of learning and remembering. Visual and auditory work hand in hand, you can hear something and with a picture or a diagram you can also see it, giving you a better chance of understanding it. Being visual and tactile watching someone else do it and explaining it such as a teacher is also very effective.

Using auditory and tactile hands on experience has always helped me, if I have done it once with y hands, talked about it I will be able to do it again. So when learning I find it easier to use more than just one style at a time. In combination any two styles make it more understandable and easier to remember. When learning and all three styles are used I have the best chance for remembering it because if I can recall one of the things such as what a teacher said or what a teacher was doing, or what I was doing I should be able to remember the rest of the answers to the questions.

Education and Auditory Work Hand

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