Review Lesson 11
Directions: Answer each of the questions below.
1. List five public goods you have utilized in the past month. Put a “yes” or “no” next to each, indicating if this public good could have been obtained through the private sector. Do you think it is better for the public if these goods are provided by the government or by private companies? Why or why not?
2. Why does government subsidize public transportation when most people do not use it? Is there public transportation in your community? If so, what type? Why should a person use public transportation if he or she does not have to?
3. What are some government provided goods or services that you have benefited from but that you or your family have not directly paid for?
4. What are some goods or services provided or subsidized by the government that help give equal access to all citizens’ of the United States?
5. Do you think it helps or hurts the economy when government subsidizes a product? Give an example of a situation when it both helps some people and hurts other people when a product is subsidized.

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