Economic self-reliance of underdeveloped country

Economic self-reliance of underdeveloped country. To make economic self-reliance of underdeveloped country, the country has to invest aid budgets in constructing a system making environment that talented people of the country can contribute to economic growth of the country. Of course, this system is available when the qualification that the government is not corrupted is satisfied as mentioned earlier. The one of the main reasons why its talented people went to outside the country is uncontrolled aid budgets. This uncontrolled aid budget tends to make the government to be spoiled and its people of talent to go abroad, which is so-called ‘Brain Drain’. Corrupted government has removed people who adhere to right principles from public office to private-sector or foreign countries and the positions became to be occupied by people who relatively had got less education and enjoy bribes, whereupon the government has become more corrupted (Moyo, 2009).

Therefore the aid budgets ought to be spent in making reformation for creating the environment that its talent people can work in a government possessing a high transparency. As a result, underdeveloped country’s experts living in outside of the country become to have confidence of its economic growth in the future and come back to their homeland to endeavor to development of the country (Hubbard et al 2009).

Economic self-reliance

On the other hand, brain drain has a bright side if the emigration of highly-intellectual people of developing countries is well limited. With the adjusted circumstance, it is possible to lead to remittance, circular migration, formation of business network bridging between developing and developed countries, and sharing of updated technologies, so that poor and small developing countries will be a beneficiary of growth and development (Docquier, 2014). To bring about such advantages, donor countries should include some of conditions or elements which limit the number of emigrating health professionals such as advanced educators, skilled labors and honest politicians, and guide them to consistently support the national interests of their original countries into their ODA projects.

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