Economic Dissertations: Topics for Analysis and Discussion

Economics is considered to be a social science which studies goods and services with a view to their production and distribution. If a student encounters necessity of writing an economic dissertation, the first thing that should be done is to choose an interesting topic.
The current article contains discussion of topics that can be developed in your economic dissertation:

The first topic that can be developed in the course of writing economic dissertations is the history of economic thought.

You should discuss the first mentioning of economics and economic principles; theories introduced by the first economists, and development of the economic thought in your economic dissertation. You can also analyze a specific period of human history in a particular country with a view to development of industry and social needs in your economic dissertation.

The next topics that can be developed in your economic dissertation are numerous economic theories, schools, and approaches.

You can compare and contrast different economic theories in your economic dissertation. Discuss issues related to economics:

The first economist who presented an economic theory;
Enumerate the theory’s followers;
The main differences or/and similarities between economic theories.

You can argue about effectiveness of of a certain economic theory in your economic dissertation. State you personal opinion taking into consideration the current economic situation in your country.

The major topics for economic dissertations are macroeconomics, microeconomics, and international economics.

You can analyze globalization as one of the factors influencing economics of every country. Your economic dissertation can contain information on economic strategies taken by different governments. Analyze measures chosen by governments of different countries to prevent and struggle against crises.
These and a number of other topics can be developed in your economic dissertation. You can use these ideas and create your own topics for dissertations on economics.

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