Eco Economy Week

Eco Economy Week.
Our current economy ND civilization is unstable. The CA emissions, reproduction rates, and food production is alarming. In the lecture it stated that “estimates are that global demand is now 30% higher than that which is sustainable. ” That means we are short food, and it is not looking good for the future. We are unable to produce food quickly, the temperatures are rising, and people are still uneducated about how the things they are doing impact our future. I think in times like these it would only take a small trigger to push people over the edge, which could impact civilization as we know it. ) How feasible Is It to change from “business as usual” to a more sustainable CEO- economy? How long will this process take? It Is feasible to change the way we do things. How long It takes will be determined by how quickly we can get everybody on board. We can accomplish the four mall things listed In Plan B in regard to securing civilization. To reduce CA emissions, stabilize population growth, reducing poverty and restore the earth’s natural systems, it is going to take every individual and every group of people to see it through.
A lot of things like changing driving habits, coming p with alternate transportation, recycling, spending money wisely, and being responsible about having children are things we need to do on a personal level, and should be backed up by our governments. In today’s world where money rules everything around us, It owns our politicians, and decides what laws are passed, we need to ensure that the decisions that need to be made In our best interest, and not in the best Interest of those who have the most. If we can manage that I think the change will be very feasible. ) What Is meant by the Indirect costs of goods and arrives? What are the consequences of not Including these In the market price? The indirect cost of goods and services is everything that goes into a product or service that does not cost money. This includes damage to the environment that cannot be restored. The lecture stated that we are using the Earth’s resources to meet our demands instead of living off its interest. We are doing a lot of harm to the Earth, and not replenishing it which will end up hurting us in the end. 5) What changes can you make as an individual to help turn things around?
I try to implement CEO-friendly ideals, but it is hard to stay at it because it is tiring and too much work. Every day a new study that shows you should not do something you have been doing for years, and it is tiring to keep up with. When the study about how harmful plastic bottles, everything comes In plastic now though. In my workplace we buy high efficiency light bulbs, recycle everything Imaginable, drive CEO-friendly cars, and support local greenhouses. My personal finances are not the same. I try to do most of that, but my and I try to teach my children to do the same.

Eco Economy Week

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