East Meets West: Which is the Better Car?

The argument has always been like this: Which is the better car? Both the Japanese and American Cars have their respective advantages in design and usability. However, the argument herewith will constantly consider the kind of lifestyle people have, given the global financial crisis.

According to an article in the Daily Fuel Economy Tip website, there has been other crisis that triggered the need for more efficient cars. During 1973 and 1979, gas and energy crisis had hit consumers. This, the article suggested, called for alternatives, which is through obtaining foreign cars. With that, this essay shall focus on the reliability, gas consumption, gas mileage and economic impact of these car categories.

In the Long Run
According to automobile enthusiasts, Japanese cars are more reliable than other cars. Japanese cars don’t just break down in the middle of the highway. It suggests that the Japanese cars make use of sturdier parts.
The car would not need major repairs. However, in the case that the car would need any repairs, the spare parts are actually very accessible and affordable. Given the number of units there are on the streets, the amount of parts will not be harder to find.
Another article mentioned that Japanese cars are even easier to modify for a better performance. Although in certain regions, it is illegal to enhance a car’s power and speed if it would only be used on the highway. But Japanese cars are already driver friendly that any modifications made on the car are simply to satisfy the need for speed.
On the other hand, owning an American car may lead to a difficult search for parts that are less costly, like second hand parts. Brand new parts are going to be expensive and buying one will just be the beginning once other parts start to malfunction as well. It can become too costly in the long run. Cars are not just leisure accessories. They are a primary means of transportation. Japanese cars tend to be more dependable.
Gas Consumption
According to the sources, Japanese cars are preferred due to its efficiency in consuming gas. With the price hike of almost every product open to mass consumers, gasoline for cars are not different. Gas rates have gone up and down, and the instability has caused consumers to be mindful of their expenses.
In the past, people have taken their cars to their offices and back home, or cab rides despite the short distances. Today, they have resorted to taking long walks and trains. However, cutting down expenses are not always the best option. With the need to work harder, there are employees who would have to work farther from their homes. Cars will be a very important tool in their work.
Drawing a criterion for the best car will have to be considered, and the amount of gas to be used will have to be on the top of the list. There will be times wherein one would require a car for everyday travelling purposes. But one should be wise in gathering options: speed and power or usability?
Meanwhile, there are also hybrid cars by Japanese auto companies. This further cut down the costs while considering the effect of burnt gas on the environment. The car might still be running on gas, but it would not use as much. Hybrid cars make use of alternative gases, which are less costly and less harmful to the environment.

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