Earned Income Tax Credit Policy analysis

Earned Income Tax Credit Policy analysis. This is a Social Policy Analysis Paper and the topic chosen is Earned Income Tax Credit as it pertains to child poverty. Please follow instructions as listed and uploaded.
NO LESS THAN 10 reference and must include different reference consisting of government documents and referred publications.
If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. Thank You
Policy is created, reformed, or abolished because a social problem exists that requires action to lessen its impact. Social welfare policy addresses problems that affect the lives of individuals, groups, or whole societies. Social workers are concerned with these same problems and should therefore be adept at influencing social welfare policy.

This is a social policy analysis assignment. It is required to adhere to APA 7 style and format (e.g., 12 pt. font, double-spaced,1 in. margins)
MUST BE 7 PAGES (not including Title Page and References). NOTE: MUST provide substance and depth. Word choice is especially important. This is an academic paper. Under Graduate level writing and adherence to APA is expected. The papers must have different references consisting of government documents, and refereed publications (NO less than 10 references total).

Earned Income Tax Credit Policy analysis

Student will write a paper in which they analyze a policy from one of the domains mentioned above-(Child Poverty). Papers will include:

1. Discussion of the social need/condition, including:
A. An examination of how the problem or need was defined and documented
B. Discussion of how values and self-interest shaped the definition and documentation
C. Discussion of causal theories that have been developed based on the definition of the social need
D. The consequences that are ascribed to the need.

2. Policy analysis, including:
A. Latent and manifest goals
B. Benefits and services provided
C. Eligibility rules; service delivery systems
D. Financing; attention paid to social justice/equity issues
E. Interview someone who is affected or targeted by this policy, asking specifically about their strengths, needs, and goals, as well eliciting from them their perceptions regarding the strengths and limitations of the policy. Then write about their reactions and recommendations regarding this policy.
F. Evaluation and recommendations for policy modifications/changes. Be sure to include the degree to which the policy is strengths-based, and strategies or recommendations to make it more reflective of the strengths approach.

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