Early Engineering Milestones That Catalyzed the Growth of Human Civilizations

Early Engineering Milestones That Catalyzed the Growth of Human Civilizations.This is final project for a general 2000-level Humanities course and the topic is to “describe and discuss the growth of knowledge in your major ” from the early Mesopotamia up to the Renaissance. I’m majoring in engineering, so that covers a pretty broad specturm of topics.

Visual aids, such as maps and images, are required in the paper and should have min. of 2 sources plus the textbook. Thefinal length of the project is 4 pages (about 1000 words).

I don’t have a PDF of the textbook nor any useful instructor course material, but I’ve listed the chapters covered each week and relevant topics. I hopes this helps!

– Ancient Mesopotamia and the Fertile Cresent
– Ancient Egyptians
– Ancient Greece
– The Roman Republic and Empire, and the Later Roman Empire
– Judaism, Christianity, and Islamm: The Rise and its Origins and culutres
– Byzantine and the early Medieval West: Charlemagne and the carolingian revival, Britian, archetechture and technology
– The High Middle Ages: Church archetchrture, learning, warfare, and technology
– The Late Middle Ages
– The Early Renaissance: Humanism, archetechture

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