E-Commerce and Modern day Business

E-Commerce and Modern day Business

The introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1991, and the first browser for accessing it in 1993, saw most of the businesses shift to the internet. E commerce, has deeply affected modern day business with technological advancement and globalization. As such, this mode of conducting businesses enhances customers purchasing decisions, promotes customers convenience, and enhances customers’ personalizes experience.

E-commerce enhances customers purchasing decisions. In the current world, customers go online to check on availability of goods, their reviews and prices. According to A and G business solutions, this is a good method that saves more time, since accessing different websites, customers can check the fairly prices products and compare with different businesses, thereby identifying which one to purchase (para 4). This method is an advantage to different businesses as it attracts more transactions, and the customers are able to make informed decisions.

Nowadays, customers make online purchases and the goods are delivered to their doorsteps, thereby enhancing customers’ convenience. According to Shahjee (3137), e-commerce enables customers to conduct their businesses online throughout the 24-hours from any location. It is the advancement in technology, which has caused such a huge shift, and this ensures that businesses earn more money, increase their publicity, and improve on their reputation. As such, this mode of business benefits the business while promoting customers convenience.

E-commerce as a platform enable customers to have a shopping cart, track their orders and payments, all under one roof enhancing personalized customer experiences. This method attracts customers the more, as compared to having a physical store (A and G business solutions para 6). Indeed, customers can view product reviews and make informed decisions when making purchases.

In conclusion, e-commerce as a method of conducting business affects customers purchasing decision, promotes shopping convenience, and enables customers to have a personalized experience when shopping. This method has brought people together, thereby creating a lot of competition. Additionally, customers are able to enjoy different goods and services with competitive prices, at the comfort of their homes.

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