DV- ass2

Reflect on your most recent visualisation project and try to sketch or write out the approach you took. What stages of activity did you undertake and in what sequence? Did it feel efficient or chaotic? Was it interrupted by changes, uncertainty or a sense of too much choice? Before you can seek to improve your ongoing approach it is worth unpicking what you currently do and how you do it.
 Assignment Link: http://book.visualisingdata.com/chapter/chapter-2 

things to consider :

Software Developer , 
Used to work in Tele-Communications,
big project , used to have lot of changes ,
lot is customers data, network plans, devices etc..,
we have Quick view ,
okay to take good visualization tool or quick view is fine
  However, for future assignments, please ensure you incorporate the APA style within your submitted work. For example, although you have a reference list, I do not see the in-text citation which points to the reference. 

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