Due Process –Current Court Case Assignment

Due Process –Current Court Case Assignment


the core element of due process is “fairness.” Brainstorm appropriate procedures for terminating a teacher, suspending or expelling a student, or administering corporal punishment.

Gather information on the implementation of due process procedures for teachers and students from school districts in your area. Compare them with the basic requirements described in this textbook.


What role does the due process play in a court case?

Review one recent court case between (2010-2020) on the (national, state, or local) that concern teachers or students. Provide at least one court case for the termination of a teacher, suspension or expulsion of a student, or the administration of corporal punishment. Review the processes that surrounded the court cases and outcomes, if reached. Identify if the case adhered to appropriate due process based on the information developed in the text. Be sure to include when the case was filed and the ruling date as well.

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