DUE Jun 26th 11PM EST Ashford ECE 625 APA 3-4 pg (see sample attachment) NO PLAGIARISM, WILL DISPUTE.

The assignment should be three to four pages in addition to a separate title page and a separate reference page, all formatted in APA style. Format your writing as follows: MS Word, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins all around. Include your modified philosophy statement in an appendix to the paper.

Address the following topics and answers these questions:

Analyze Themes:  Is there a theme/idea/perspective that runs through the responses to your questions? Is there more than one theme? Do the findings surprise or puzzle you in any way? If so, in what ways? How do your themes relate to effective family and community engagement as it has been discussed in class so far?

Connect to literature:  Use the class textbook and articles and at least two outside scholarly sources that either support or dispute the findings in your data. Discuss your findings in relation to these references. How do these connections relate to your themes?

Evaluate your analysis to your philosophy:  Discuss analysis of themes and connections to literature in relation to your philosophy and approach to family and community engagement. How did conducting this research inform your philosophy and approach? Did it change certain aspects? Do you want to include something more in your philosophy based on this research? Modify your philosophy statement and include it as an appendix to this paper.

Though brief summaries are needed to provide context, please remember that “discussing findings” means making connections, drawing inferences, evaluating the responses in relation to what you have learned in this course and from your own experiences.  

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