Drug Trafficking

The topic I have chosen to write is about drug trafficking. This topic is very interesting to me because right now, everywhere you go its a hot topic. In my country drugs are a very big problem, too. So, nowadays this topic is increasing to top and unfortunately drug trafficking is an easy way of earning money for some people.
Drug trafficking causes multiple problems for families and communities. The most important problem are the teenagers. Drug traffic is also influencing a lot of teenagers because of the easy money they can earn in a short period. This situation is causing widespread among young people. A second problematic effect of drug trafficking is the government. The government is doing nothing about it. This is important affairs and the states know this issue despite, but they didn’t have the adequate intelligence to do anything for the country’s economy.
Despite these problems, the menace of drugs can be fought. Education is the first line of attack. Parents and children need to be taught. This is a must. They can be taught at special conferences in community centers, live from the television, internet, at home and at school about danger of drug abuse and trade. For example, If a child in your class is using drugs and other friends saw him affected by these events. Another approach to the problem of drug trafficking is about governments. Governments should focus their attention to solve the problem of drug trafficking and they can also aggravate penalties.

In conclusion, although the problems of drug trading and  abuse may seem impossible to eliminate or to even control. So, to overcome this situation falls jobs for everyone. If everyone make something i think, this problem can be fixed.

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