Drama Analysis Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl “Who is Bianca? ” “Lars and the Real Girl” is a production about a young man named Lars who tries to find love by ordering an anatomically correct sex doll, Bianca. Lars does not use Bianca for sexual pleasure but instead for someone to love. Bianca plays a major role in this movie even though she is restrained from feeling, talking, or even being alive. Bianca’s character aids the development of the other characters including Lars, his brother, and the “real girl”, Margo. Bianca helps the development of Lars’ character by letting him express his feelings through her.
Bianca becomes “sick” helping Lars secretly see a physiatrist in his brothers’ interest. The doctor slowly begins to grow a relationship with Lars during check-ups for Bianca. He opens up to her explaining all of Bianca’s problems, such as her father and mother dying at a young age and her search for independence. Even though he explains these as Bianca’s problems they are truly his own. Bianca gives him a sense of relief from being bottled up all these years. Bianca also helps the development of Lars brother, Gus. When Lars first introduces Bianca to Gus and his new wife Gus automatically shuts the idea down in frustration.
He believes that it is ludicrous and Gus needs help. His wife tries her hardest to make Lars feel that Bianca is welcome. Gus eventually comes around to realizing that Bianca is a result of his own actions. Lars has created her character to comfort his wife and himself because of the way Gus has been treating Lars since their parents passed away. Towards the end of the movie the viewer can see a major change in Gus’ attitude from neglecting Bianca to accepting that she is a part of his brother. But, Bianca does not stop there.

Margo is the new girl at work who clearly has a major crush on Lars. Lars overlooks her attention because of his conflicts with himself and his ability to build a relationship. While Lars is in the doctors’ office the viewer learns that Lars has an issue with pain when skin comes into contact with his own this only further proves that Lars is scared of affection. He turns away from his brother’s wife Karin when she tries so hard to love him and do everything she can for him. Bianca helps develop Margo’s character because Bianca helps develop Lars’ ability to build a relationship.
After Bianca passes away, Lars opens up and gives Margo a chance leaving the viewer guessing. Throughout the movie Bianca becomes more than just a doll made for sexual desire; she is a symbol in every character that is introduced to the viewer. Bianca shows the insecurities in Lars, the remorse in Gus, and the love in Margo. Although Bianca cannot talk or show emotion her character development in the town helps play out the development in the loved ones around her. “Lars and the Real Girl” opens eyes to show that characters do not have to be alive to be alive in others.

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