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DQ1wk3 ans danielle

DQ1wk3 ans danielle.  
During the early stages of nursing it was considered a low-class job performed by widows and criminals and was seen unfit for women. Men rendered most of the nursing care in the early ages.
Changes came about with the introduction of Florence Nightingale who instituted formal training and aseptic technique during the Crimean war.
Another Great leader in nursing is Dorothea Dix who founded the first mental Hospital in America and became the Superintendent of Union Army Nurses.
During the Civil war Clara Burton was “The angel of the battlefield” and assigned special duties by president Lincoln. She was responsible for organizing what we know today as The American Red Cross.
In 1927 Margaret Sanger formed the World Population Conference when she realized unplanned pregnancies were worse in underprivileged areas.
Virginia Avenel Henderson deemed “the first lady of nursing” for her development of nursing theory
All of these great leaders in nursing have paved the path and led the way for the great profession it is today.

DQ1wk3 ans danielle

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