Discussion: Theory, Research, and Evidence-Based Practice
As they explore the world around them, young children often want to know the “why” and “how” of the things they observe. This is similar to what researchers do when they approach a new problem. Researchers develop new theories or build on old ones to explain the “why” of the world around them. They use models and conceptual frameworks to help explain “how” the processes and events they observe occur. Together, theories and models provide an understanding of the world and allow researchers to explore it in meaningful ways. 
Virtually all research questions can benefit from the use of an existing theory or model. Researchers should consider their research questions and select the most suitable theory or model, which then serves as a foundation for the research design. The selection of a theory or model is an important part of the research process. 
In this Discussion, you focus on the role of theory and models in research and evidence-based practice.
                                                        To prepare:
• Review the information in Chapter 6 of the course text. Focus on the various conceptual theories and models that are currently used in nursing research.
• Select one of the theories or models described that is of interest to you.
• Using the Walden Library, search for and identify a research article that uses the theory or model you selected.
• Reflect on how the theory or model provides structure to the research study described in the article.
• Now, think about an issue in your practice area that you would be interested in exploring through research.
• Review this week’s media presentation and consider strategies for locating and identifying a relevant theory or model for a research study.
Post a summary of the article that you located and explain how the theory or model that you selected was used in the research study. Assess the value of basing research on an established theory or model.

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