American Education System

Downside of the Excellent American Education System

Downside of the Excellent American Education System.
In the book why they excel, we can see that American education system is good by looking from the result of the progress of technology and economic in this country but why Asian students is better than American students in United states, is it because of our system education is lower than their system education or from the quality of the people?. We can answer this by looking our system education from the success and failure and my experience in here. We all know that American education system is good, as a result we can see it from the invention of many things for example like internet technology or computing system.
The success from this education, we can see from the quality of the education, we know that United States is very popular in education, for example so many people from United States can work in out of this country easily after finishing their school. The system of education here is very good, in which studying in this country is very nice because we can study what we want without taking so many general educations. For example when we want to study business Computer information system, we can finish it by 3 years.
But other country like Indonesia, we cannot graduate just by 3 years only because so many general educations we have to take there. So it is not efficient to take many General educations because it is not important, anyway we will forget it after we finish school. On the other hand American education has some disadvantages, for example like Asian students can do better than American students, it is really crazy things, because Asian students have to study the language first before they study here. But in fact Asian students are better.

We can see why Asian students are better because of 2 sides, in which it is intern side and extern side. Intern side is for example like the motivation of their parents, and Confucianism. And extern side is the quality of their high school in Asian. So that is why Asian Students do not feel difficulties in studying here. For example like in Singapore in which the standard of the high school there is the highest in this world for math, so the students from Singapore who want to continue their study here they will not feel any difficulties because the level of difficulties in almost all subject is lower than in Singapore.
In my experience, I can decide that American education is very good, because we just take like 3 years to take bachelor, and after that we can work to look for money, and it is really good thing, but American system has failure also, for example in my math class, all Asian students can get A, we can see it how bad the quality of high school here, because almost all students have to study new things in university, but in fact all Asian students have already studied that thing in their high school in Asia.
Therefore my idea about the success and failure from our experience in studying here is that we have to change the system of the American high school here, because the quality is reallylow, for example like we have to give more subject to all high school students so they can be more competitive with Asian students.

Downside of the Excellent American Education System

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