Don’t Suffer From Your Depression in Silence

Don’t Suffer From Your Depression in Silence

Don’t Suffer From Your Depression in Silence. video address:
According to the video and Address each of the following questions. Organize your response in numerical order as follows:

1. Nikki Webber Allen shared some statistics from WHO (World Health Organization) and the U.S. statistics among Black-Americans risk of mental disorders and the comparative of these races when it comes to seeking treatment. Provide the qualitative (WHO) and quantitative statistics (U.S.) she shared.

Stop the stigma around mental health: don’t suffer in silence

2. What is the impact of depression on DALYs? Draw from the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) project as discussed in the text, the lecture, and indicated on the WHO diagram below.
3. Reflect on Nikki’s journey of seeking treatment and how she manages her mental health diagnosis of depression. What factors effected how you perceived this public health information (dread, unfamiliarity, and uncontrollability effect). What is decision analysis and how does it apply to Nikki’s story?

Don’t Suffer In Silence

4. Understanding how information is perceived can help design an effective health message. Apply the principles of success in Public Health Communication from the text. Provide your evaluation and input on each step in reference to your research and the video presented on depression.
5. Embed a picture or picture quote incorporating any topic of this discussion you are inspired to share. Provide a brief explanation as to why you selected this picture and the relevance from your perspective.

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