Don`t Blame the Eater Persuasive Essay

David Zincked up to the point that we have to take ‘personal responsibility for our rise in obesity, I cannot agree that he targets his opinion on that fast food restaurants are to blame. In my opinion the personal responsibility is on the parents in how they choose to teach, guide or show by example on how to make healthy choices. Temptations are everywhere, our parents tell us not to eat dirt, so we don’t so why is the choice of something healthy over Junk so difficult.
Let us take for instance when our kids go off to school, majority of parents pack their kids’ inches, usually consisting of a drink, sandwich, vegetable or fruit, and a small treat. It is when our kids are at home that parents tend to forget the healthy choice and choose the cardboard box processed foods, or the, pop in the microwave dinners, that are contributing to the obesity in their children.
Convenience is not the healthy choice. Our school systems have also recognized the need for more healthy alternatives within their cafeterias offering the breakfast and hot lunch program making the overstretched, over committed parent comfortable with knowing that at least at school our kids are eating healthy. Vending machines have been thrown out, leaving little to no temptation. So should parents not do the same within their homes?

So should we sue our parents for our obesity or the McDonald’s down the street who is only trying to build their sales like any other department store? You don’t need to count calories to know If something Is healthy. You should Just know that a hamburger and fries Is not the better choice compared to a salad and fruit drink. I say “teach your children that If they don’t know what they are eating, don’t eat It’ ‘ Make the healthy choice and get outside!

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