Domestic Violence and Social Work Intervention

Domestic Violence and Social Work Intervention. Domestic violence is a social issue that involves coercive or assaultive behavior directed by one partner towards another. The involvement of partners implies that domestic violence takes place in cases of current or previous relationships and often involves aggressive behavior from the male towards the female. In cases where domestic violence takes place with children being involved, the children are considered at risk and may sometimes be placed under the care of social workers. Domestic violence has been appreciated as a global health issue and this is due to the physical and emotional consequences that come about from domestic violence especially for the victims (Gokler, Arslantas, and Unsal, 2014). Some victims of domestic violence may sometimes be hospitalized due to physical violence or miss work due to psychological issues that may be such as depression. Children are equally susceptible to such issues while they also face the risk of developmental issues. In light of these concerns, it is important for social workers to intervene in the right approach with a focus on reducing the level of domestic violence as well as its effects.

Domestic Violence and Social Work Intervention

            In the hypothetical case example used for this paper, James is a 37 year old unemployed Male living in Florida with his wife Amy and their two children. From a community initiative focusing of domestic violence, Amy revealed to the social worker that she is a victim of constant domestic violence. She describes James as a high tempered alcoholic who retorts to violence in the slightest provocation. Amy has been to the ER twice but is afraid of leaving her husband or publicly speaking about the issue due to stigmatization from family and friends. As a social worker, the object relations theory and control theory is applied in defining the appropriate intervention in this case.    

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