Does Patriotism Still Matter?

Does Patriotism still Matter? Ah! You ask me,” Does patriotism still matter? ” Well of course patriotism still matters! When you think of all of the love you receive for yourself, shouldn’t you apply that similar love to your country? I could definitely dig out a few explanations. Well first of all, without patriotism we wouldn’t have peace or stability. A good supportive foundation wouldn’t hurt, but bring healing to our soldiers who risk their lives to sacrifice themselves for the love, or patriotism, for their country.
Also, during a present war, without patriotism, what is left in this world to support! Pretty much everything that our world is revolving around is war. Lastly, the peace and stability for one’s country is provided by their citizens who show their true patriotism. Second of all, a country without patriotism is like a dog without an owner. When a pup is hungry, an owner’s duty is to feed it, right? Well it’s the same with a country, because when a country is empty for patriotism it’s our duty to feed it with patriotism! What kind of a country would it be without the symbol of patriotism?
We would be a stray! On top of that, countries are supposed to be united! Patriotism keeps countries together like a family. Being patriotic helps us recollect those who have lost their lives battling and fighting for the rights we own today. Just think, “What if I had family who fought and lost their life fighting for me? ” Think back in history, even during the civil war when to regions of the U. S. were bludgeoning each other for the right of freedom of slavery. One of the most famous Generals, Stonewall Jackson, was killed fighting for his region.

Patriotism is what held him up to lead up to his death. He was confident and patriotism motivated him. Or what about Major General Howe who lost his life in the Battle of Bunker Hill? He also was physically and emotionally motivated by patriotism. Okay, I think that I have specified my hypothesis. The answer to the question, is patriotism still important, is strictly, yes! Patriotism plays a major role in modern society and is one of the main components in our political office. All I know is, I love my country like hot fudge on ice cream!

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