Documented Essay on Technology OR Consumption

for the third essay, students will write a thesis-driven, documented essay on one of the topics from our previous units: technology or consumption.  The essay must introduce the topic as it relates to American culture and have a clearly stated thesis (argument) that responds to the arguments of others by way of agreeing, disagreeing, or both.  This essay must have a point of view that does more than simply present the ideas of others.  In other words, don’t simply summarize and respond to the other readings; instead, your interaction with these sources must be related to and in support of your own argument.  FOCUS your discussion of these sources to the specifics of YOUR OWN ARGUMENT about technology or consumption.     
This essay must have at least one source we read during the semester on that particular topic and two additional outside sources researched by the student. Students are encouraged to consult They Say / I Blog for additional sources; they have readings organized under categories to help you identify what you are looking for. The essay must have a works cited page with at least three entries and be approximately 750-1000 words in length.  This paper should be formatted according to MLA guidelines (this includes font type, font size, spacing, heading, page numbers, title, paragraphs, in-line parenthetical citations, Works Cited, etc.), which will weigh more heavily in grading than previous essays.   
The essay must be typed using Microsoft Word, saved to a computer, then submitted on Blackboard, which will use SafeAssign to generate an originality report (to avoid plagiarism).  Students will be able to see their originality report after submitting their essay and will be given a maximum of 2 additional corrections and submissions should they have an abnormally high originality report (above 15%).  Cases of plagiarism will result in a zero on the essay and possible failure of the course. 

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