Diversity through 21st Century Teaching and Learning ( follow the guided )

Diversity through 21st Century Teaching and Learning ( follow the guided ).  Guided Response: Respond to at least two peers. Ask questions of your peers about their responses to encourage further conversation. In your responses, consider including a question about the inclusion of 21st century skills in a diverse classroom. Though two replies is the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you.


Reflect on ways in which you will choose culturally relevant curriculum and instructional materials that recognize, incorporate, and reflect students’ heritage and the contributions of various ethnic groups.

I choose culturally relevant curriculum, and instructional materials that recognize and reflect students heritage within my classroom. I do this by including activities that share my students culture. I develop a relationship with my parents early so that I am comfortable asking the parents to share their culture and customs with the students in our classroom. I try to feature a book every week that explores a facet of a students culture. An example of that is the story Too Many Tamales, or the Girl Who Wore Too Many Clothes. I also encourage student to create an All About Me poster which they can share about their culture. I also hold an annual Honor Your Culture Night where the families can cook a dish or bring an artifact from their culture to share with other families. I also maintain a respectful classroom atmosphere by respecting the culture customs and wishes of my families. Something as simple as a wish to abstain from pork and pork products is honored and reflected in our menu by a substitution of any pork products for that child and their family.

Discuss how you would differentiate instruction for the inclusion of various learning styles.

I differentiate instruction for various learning style by using different methods of information gathering. For example, in a counting activity if I have a visual learner, I would perform the counting activity visually first. Then for the hands-on learner I would do a one on one counting activity so that the child could physically count the item them self. For the child who learns through music I would play a counting song. For the child who learns through media I would use a counting activity on the iPad. For a kinetic learner I would have large dice and the child could jump the number of times that is displayed on the dice. Each activity uses a different method for the children to learn the same information.

Discuss how you would modify instruction to meet the needs of students who are designated second language learners.

I modify instruction for dual language learners by ensuring that I include English and Spanish words in my lessons. I also utilize a translator for assessments, and circle time so that the lesson is introduced in English and Spanish. My shelves and materials are also labeled in English and Spanish. I also ensure that all my communication to Spanish speaking families are in Spanish. I also make sure that my classroom reflects my children through pictures, books, dolls and clothing that reflect many different cultures. I even try to teach the children about cultures that are not represented in our pre k classroom.


Analyze how you can maintain high standards and demonstrate high expectations for all ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse students in the classroom.

I’m a big advocate for student culture diversity and believe that all students should see themselves in their classrooms and school. When it comes to maintaining high standards and ethical expectations I think it’s best to maintain respect for all individuals regardless of their culture and background. My ethical standards, morals, and vision will remain the same and I maintain by staying consistent to my ethics and morals. I ensure that I work towards my individual goals and that I provide a culturally diverse lesson plan that will reach all students by peeking their interest and teaching them from a diverse perspective.

Discuss how you would differentiate instruction for the inclusion of various learning styles.

I would use data collected to determine what learning styles work best for my students individual and group needs. Not all students learn the same and they would benefit from a structured environment that provides instruction to their current level of understanding. Differentiate instruction is necessary because not all students learn the same so therefore no teacher should teach one specific method. Several methods are used to ensure that students are provided a diverse learning experience. I would specifically use data, feedback, and assessments to determine what teaching styles are effective and what styles are not. I would also ensure that 21st century skills are being used in the classroom when developing the content to ensure that the instruction is differentiated for students to be successful. Using communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills I allow my students to activate their level of understanding when it comes to how they learn and we work together to work on their strengths and weakness so they can identify what teaching methods works for them as well. 

Reflect on ways in which you would modify instruction for special education students.

Instruction will be modified to students with special education needs based on their 504 accommodations. I use technology to assist with special needs students based on their individual needs. Some special education students may have vision impairment or hearing impaired these students may benefit from assisted devices and additional time and support. I would modify instruction to ensure they are allowed enough time on assignments and resources needed to complete the assignment with understanding. Special education students might be allowed to have an inclusion instruction that would also assist while I work with the entire class.  
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Diversity through 21st Century Teaching and Learning ( follow the guided )