Diversity Paper

                                                 Diversity Paper Instructions

Each student will write a 6-7-page written paper regarding beginning level competency in the following areas: 

1. As a Christian in training for the profession of social work, it is important to consider what the Bible says about social work competencies. 

2. For the purpose of this paper, students will consider examples from the Bible in which a culture’s structures and values oppressed, marginalized, alienated, or created or enhanced privilege and power. Students will cite Bible verses explaining the context of these verses with the help of an additional source.
3. Also, students will consider how the present-day culture’s structures and values may oppress, marginalize, alienate, or create or enhance privilege and power. Students will use examples. 

4. Using both biblical and contemporary examples, students will explain how difference(s) impact(s) the life experiences of individuals. 

5. Students are to elaborate on how they can personally learn from (not learn about) those who are different from themselves.
6. Students are to be self-reflective and consider your own biases and values when working with diverse groups.  Students are to discuss these candidly in this section of the paper. 

7. Students are to discuss what they have done (if anything) to help eliminate the influences of these biases and values as well as what they plan to do. 

8. Students are to discuss the importance of eliminating these influences from a biblical perspective. 

9. At least four (4) references are required. 

Assignment must be submitted not later than 06/25/2018, 11:59 pm (ET).

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