3. Create a chart to compare American Indians, Sex and Gender, Work and Family, and Sexual orientation based on diversity and organizations. Craft the table based on the suggestion below.

Groups and Categories  Recommendations to groups  Recommendations for Organizational change   Consumer/Customer Service Recommendations
4. Fourteen percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives have at least a bachelor’s degree—fewer than all racial and ethnic groups except Hispanics. Why are the education levels of American Indians and Alaska Natives so low?
5.  The gap between the earnings of younger women and younger men is considerably smaller than the gap between the earnings of older women and older men. Why is the gap becoming smaller? Provide data.
6.  Being “family-friendly” is viewed positively by both parents and nonparents; both are more attached to family-friendly organizations. Over 2.6 million grandparents, the majority of whom are employed, have primary responsibility for their grandchildren under 18. Although they have fewer support mechanisms than parents, employed grandparents caring for their grandchildren experience work and family concerns that may be more difficult than those experienced by parents. How do work and family issues for grandparents caring for grandchildren differ from work and family issues for parents caring for their children?

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Dixie’s Daughter’s Book Quiz Assignment

Dixie’s Daughter’s Book Quiz Assignment Directions: After reading Dixie’s Daughters:  The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Preservation of Confederate Culture:   please answer the following questions about the book.  ….

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PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY Purpose: To write a response to Gloria Anzaldua’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” a chapter in her book Borderlands/La Frontera. In your response, you should….