Distinguish between Institutional and Residual Models of Social Welfare policy

Distinguish between Institutional and Residual Models of Social Welfare policy


Paper Format: Each paper includes several questions for you to address. Integrate your answers into a single essay, be sure to cover each question.


Unit I provides descriptive information about basic social welfare programs and concepts that you may or may not be familiar with. Review these programs and concepts before writing your paper, they will be referenced throughout the course.



The US social welfare policy

1. Based on the Midgley and the Abramovitz readings, write a brief definition of social welfare policy that makes sense to you at this point.


  1. Distinguish between Institutional and Residual Models of Social Welfare policy.
  2. What does the NASW Code of Ethics add to our understanding of US social welfare policy?


  1. The core of the US social welfare system consists (a) Social Insurance programs (e.g., Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Medicare) and (b) Public Assistance programs (e.g., AFDC/TANF, Food Stamps (SNAP), Medicaid). The Social Insurance and Public Assistance programs serve different populations and represent very different social welfare philosophies. Which programs are Institutional and which are Residual?


  1. Drawing on Tussing’s article/the instructor’s video, why are Social Insurance programs  more popular than public assistance programs?
  2. After you understand the difference between the two kinds of programs, ask someone you know (who is not otherwise informed about social welfare policy) what they think about “Social Security” and “welfare” and why? How did their comments compare to Tussing’s observations?” (Don’t tell them what you’ve read until after you heard from them).


All texts/resources used in your papers should be properly cited using APA format and a reference list should be included. For a quick overview of APA rules go to Online Writing Lab at Purdue University or see the materials provided by the Writing Program at Silberman. No need to include a cover page, abstract, or header for these papers. Online reference management tools can also assist you with this process (and save you a lot of time).

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