Disneyland Profile

Profile What does the “happiest place on earth,” also know as Disneyland, have to offer on a regular basis? It was a bright sunny day in Anaheim California, and my friends Ruben, Sassan and I were just arriving at the theme park. We were all so excited to spend the day messing around between parks; especially considering the fact that we got in for free! Ruben’s mom works at Disneyland, which is how we were able to get in for free. Disneyland is only one theme park, but there are so many different things going on throughout the whole park it is hard to grasp.
Throughout the entire theme park, it is divided between handfuls of different sections. Main Street, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Toon town, Adventureland, Frontierland are all very unique from each other; giving you a different experience each time. Main Street U. S. A is just at the entrance of Disneyland and it is a replica dedicated to early 20th century America. Main Street is filled with people anxious to explore the rest of the park and full of smiles to start their day. Next we arrive to Fantasyland, a land based on classic Disney films and Disney characters walking around.
I noticed every child going crazy to meet their favorite character and take pictures with each of them. Then we cruise to Tomorrowland, which has a futuristic design to it and all of the attractions are based on outer space. Space Mountain, Buzz Light-year and Star Wars are all popular rides in Tomorrowland. Toon town is a whole land devoted to Mickey Mouse and friends, who obviously are the more popular characters in Disneyland. Toon town is pretty much self-explanatory, everything in there looks like a cartoon.

Adventureland is very much like a jungle it is hard to remember where you really are; there are tall trees around every corner, bushes everywhere, animal sounds screeching throughout the land and about each building is made of rough wood. Last is Frontierland and it portrays the Wild West. Each land gave me a different feeling of each setting and felt like I was at different parts of the world. Since there are so many people in the park I could not stop noticing the different noises I heard. Everywhere I went was filled with laughter from children enjoying the happiest place on earth.
Different music was echoing within each land in order to fit the setting. Roller coasters were screeching across the park full of kids yelling, either from intimidation or excitement. Trains were whistling and carrying several people, all-blabbering at once. All of this plus the routine fireworks blowing and crackling one by one as everyone watched. It was almost too much to handle, but each sound contributed to everyone’s joy. As the clock began to reach noon we were all filled with hunger, it was time to eat. Throughout the day the park was filled with salty and sweet stenches from snacks like popcorn and churros.
There were so many different odors it was hard to decide where to go. As we stepped foot on the food court the room was filled with a variety of aromas, from fresh baked breads to grilled chicken and rich flavor pizzas and barbeque. We each decided to get different foods and share; Ruben got the pizza, Sassan ordered the chicken and I got the barbeque myself. Grouping back together the table was filled with a mixture of divine scents as we eat. With this in mind we still had room for dessert, or at least something sweet to satisfy our sweet tooth. We spotted a cotton candy stand and the surrounding area was crammed with a fruity sweet scent.
After all of that we were pretty much good on food for the rest of the day. (add taste to this paragraph as well) With every appearance, and each sound and odor all going on at once it was a lot to handle. Switching from each land section to parades and loud roaring of coasters, children and fireworks and also different food odors everywhere we went was quite an experience. Everyone was exhausted from walking and everything that went on in the park. Never going to experience that much action at once anywhere else(last sentence or got home and slept real quick)

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