Disney movie discussion

Disney movie discussion.Choose a Disney film of your choice and apply the quote to the Villainess in the film.*Note- to reference or to apply a quote means to provide evidence that does or does not support the quote.  You can refute or agree with the statement.

Identify the film and the Villainess. Discuss the ways in which she does or does not adhere to the classic villainess traits.  Reference the following quote from the author Henke:

Disney’s evil females are magnificent in their strength, presence, and rage.  Visually, they loom large and dark on screen as they trick, manipulate, and threaten.

They control others’ opinions, and access to money, shelter, and relationships with men.  These evil females are often alienated from their communities.

In Disney tales, evil women are motivated by the desire to have what isn’t theirs- purity, beauty, acceptance, love” – Henke from “Constructions of the Female Self”


Instead of describing your scene example, you can upload a youtube clip using the “mashup icon” and choose youtube video.


Q2/ Choice a Disney film of your choice. It does not have to be the same film you chose in Q.1

Describe how the current princess has or has not evolved to mirror current social and political views on gender, race, and class.  The article “Post Feminist Disney Princess Conundrum” ended with Disney films in the 1990’s.  Discuss the characteristics that more current Disney Princesses possess and how she has and/or has not changed.

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