Discussion Week 7 Due 5/20/2018 Sunday 9PM EST

When  answering please include the question and answer in your response: Example: 

Question 1:  
Answer 1: 

“Short-Term Financing” Please respond to the following:

1.) Imagine you are an entrepreneur with a new idea and would like to start a business with your idea, but lack capital. Go to the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Website, located at http://www.sba.gov/content/sbic-program, and read about the Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC) Program. Also, explore the Website for information regarding sources available for providing venture capital. Provide an overview (two to three paragraphs) of your start-up company. In the overview of your company, describe its products, historical financial performance, major capital investments in the last five years, past sources of financing, and plans for future expansion.
2.) Analyze two sources that might be available to provide venture capital for your start-up. Compare and contrast the major advantages and disadvantages of one over the other. Select the source that you believe is a better fit for your start-up and justify your selection.

Please use quality research in your internet search. Cite your references. 

Please put the following in your own words no references needed. 


 3.) I like your business venture as I love baking especially with my mom. The concept of providing gluten free savory cakes, desserts and sweets is interesting and appealing to taste buds. It’s interesting that you were able to operate at a profit in the very first year and maybe that’s due to extensive marketing to gain entry into the competitive industry.
I do think the best source of financing would be SBA loans as this provides a wider network of lenders whereby low interest loans are accessible. Also the Small Business Administration fosters and promotes healthy relationships with lenders an borrowers. They are also able to provide guidance and educational resources to support your business into much success without losing control and ownership.  

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