Discussion – Week 1-8130

Health Communication
Jean is a health care administrator for a hospital that serves an urban population. Jean is promoting a recent initiative to install a free clinic to provide minor urgent care. Before the hospital can begin allocating resources to install the free clinic, the hospital directors are asking that Jean establish a community meeting to allow community members to provide feedback on what type of medical services the free clinic should provide. Jean would like to announce the community meeting to generate interest.
What considerations should Jean keep in mind when announcing the community meetings? How might Jean integrate the feedback from community members to ensure that the free clinic’s health care services marketing campaign effectively communicates the types of services offered by the free clinic?
For this Discussion, review the resources for this week and reflect on elements of health communication essentials for the role of a health care administrator. Then, consider how trends in health communication might impact your role as a health care administrator and reflect on how health communication influences future health care services marketing campaigns.

By Day 3
Post by a brief explanation of two key elements of health communication that are most essential for a health care administrator and why. Then, explain how one key trend in health communication may affect your role as a health care administrator. Finally, describe one way you might use health communication in a future health care services marketing campaign and explain why.

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