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Discussion Question/ Social Movement

Discussion Question/ Social Movement. In a minimum of 300 words in APA format.
Through the advent of social media, a thing known as “slactivism” has arisen. This is literally activism through social media and, despite such a negative label, researchers are finding that this actually works! Activism through the medium of social media is having a significant impact. This is just ONE example of many of not only a “mass behavior” but can also fit into all 4 categories of social movements. The individuals involved in this mass behavior/social behavior could easily be examined within the lens of the “contagion theory” as well as the “emergent-norm theory.”
Go check out whatever form of Social Media/ Media you are most on, (facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter, reddit, youtube etc. ) Look for an example of “slactivism” from people/influencers that you follow that is promoting a specific type of social movement. Discuss their post here by answering the following questions (if you feel comfortable you can post  your example here as well but  it is not required.)
1. Describe the post (or post it here), where did you find it, what do the contents involve?
2. Based on the readings from this chapter, what type of social movement are they promoting?
2. What theory of crowd behavior can be applied to this movement? Please expand
3. What Social movement theory can be applied to this movement? Please expand
4. At what stage in the social movement cycle would you place this movement?

Discussion Question/ Social Movement

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