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Discussion Question 1 week 5

Discussion Question 1 week 5.  
“Communication, Communication, Communication”  Please respond to the following:
In real estate, we often hear about how the listing really is a matter of “location, location, location.” In education, especially when a class may be presented online in several different formats (synchronous, asynchronous, or a hybrid of both), communication between learner and instructor is the key.

Give your opinion as to what tone is best suited to reach the targeted learners as an instructor, what method the LMS should provide to support this communication, and the approach that you will use to assess the effectiveness of that communication.
Create at least two (2) different announcements (i.e., a welcome message, notice about an exam, change in course material or due date, etc.) for a class of your choice that demonstrates your opinion from part 1 of this discussion.
Respond to at least one (1) classmate’s post and examine whether or not the tone of the announcements supported the intended tone.

Discussion Question 1 week 5

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