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Addressing our community issues related to population health and proper nutrition is a main priority for many agencies and groups. Weight management is a challenging task for many reasons. 
INITIAL POST: After reading the assigned materials,Chapters 10 & 11 , Course Content in Unit 9 and Fitness Power Point , choose one  topic from the unit that you are passionate about. Create one original discussion post summarizing your thoughts and ideas on the topic. Include a brief overview (summary) of the problem, why you think it is relevant, and what personal experience you have to relate to it.  Support your post with any suggestions or ideas that you think may lead to a better way to address the issue.
RESPONSE: Be sure you respond to at least one other classmate for full credit. References are not required for this posting but always strengthen your scholarly work.  Therefore, content and application, along with your writing conventions, will weigh heavy in the grading of this discussion.

Rubric will be attached and also access to the book is provided by me 
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