discussion post – Accounts,Social Media Advantages,Capacity and Planning Strategies and Inventory Management

 NEED TO ANSWER ALL FOUR DISCUSSION QUESTIONS…also specify which answer goes to which discussion question 

question 1
When a person has a Facebook account, there is a lot of information that goes into creating, maintaining, and updating that account.
Discuss what Facebook actually does with all of that user information and how they use it as a marketing tool. Then compare that with other social media sites, such as Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, and Pinterest. How is that information being curated and used to benefit the social media company and its partners?

question 2
Companies like carwashes, pet grooming, and food trucks used to exist without any type of technological presence. But now, they can advertise on social media for a small amount of money – or even for free.
From a sale-oriented point of view, social media offers advantages to both parties in a business-consumer relationship. What are those advantages and does either party benefit more than the other? Why? Are there any disadvantages?

question 3
 What are the capacity and planning implications of a movie theater? Why does a theater show a film several times a day, but frequently to small audiences who do not fill the theater? Should the theater’s capacity and planning strategies be re-evaluated? 

question 4
 How do you manage your own personal inventory of various supplies? Do you stock up or wait until you run out of something before you replace it? Why? Be sure to use operational management terminology. 

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