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The Challenges of Global Education  Please respond to the following:

The author states, “A rather obvious realization of our experiences as global educators is that global education is complex, controversial, and vulnerable to external challenges” (p. 108). As potential leaders in global education, select one of these three qualities and determine how to meet that challenge in the school district of your choice or another venue. 
As you consider the characteristics of global education, discuss one that you believe to be unique to global education. If you do not believe that global education is dramatically different from local education, justify why you think that way.

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The Challenges of Global Education”-Part 1
      Global education is a  a breed of education that causes students and teachers to expand his or her mind to understand perspective and appreciation of cultures.  Based on the quote found on page 108, the characteristic of global education that is challenging is complexity. My school background has mainly been in inner city schooling. Introducing students to education outside of America was always a challenge until the power of reading came into play. Not only just reading, but reading about children like them that are faced with the same hardships but in a different country.
     A concept that has been implemented into the school building is the art of team-teaching. Team teaching often gets confused with co-teaching and those concepts deliver different results. Collaboration is huge in ensuring that needs are met for teachers, but provides a unique way of learning for students to see the connections of teaching disciplines.   In order to tackle the complex level of global education, it is important to explore how the students connect with other countries, first. I have always been a believer of understanding self, first, and then finding connections with other people. This has riddled to be true for students to understand how American culture affects other world communities. Furthermore, it opens eyes to students because their concept  of being an American changes when they understand how they can foster positive change for other countries. 

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