Discussion: Guilt or Fear Appeal

Discussion: Guilt or Fear 
What are the ethical issues around using persuasive techniques that are intended to make recipients feel uncomfortable but for beneficial reasons? That is one of the issues you will explore this week through this Discussion. You will respond to a scenario in which you, as a professional in the line of work you currently do or would like to do, are tasked with designing a strong message using either the guilt or the fear appeal. As you create your messages, consider the relationship between the outcome you hope to achieve and the ethics of how you choose to get there.
To prepare:

Review the Week 5 Learning Resources.
Develop the scenario by incorporating the following details. You may make up these details or base them on your workplace experiences. Include:
Name and type of agency or organization
Its purpose or mission
Purpose of the message you are creating and what issue(s) it aims to address
Target audience for the message
Consider whether the fear or guilt appeal will be more effective for the target audience and to achieve the message goals.
Create the text of the message, to include in your Discussion post.
Check your message for ethical compliance using the code of ethics associated with the type of professional organization you chose.

By Day 3
Post responses to the following:

Present the text of your message and the relevant contextual details, including the sponsoring agency/organization, message purpose, and target audience. Explain how your message demonstrates the fear or the guilt appeal and your assessment of the message’s compliance with ethical standards.
Justify your choice of appeal and why it should be effective for the target audience and issue(s).

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