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 Respond to 1 other students and identity points of agreement and disagreement regarding your characterizations of Old and New Testament community and spiritual formation.  Must be at least 300 words and use Turabian citing

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When comparing and contrasting the Old and New Testament community and spiritual formation, there are a few easily visible points and their are points that become more apparent after reading Pettit. When answering the question before considering Pettits definition of community and spiritual formation, the first comparison that comes to mind is the audience for which each Testament was written. Understanding God’s purpose for creation from Genesis, to His covenant with Abraham, the freeing and falling of the Israelites, the prolonged journey to the Promised Land, and the conquering of the Land, it is easy to understand the strictness of the Old Testament. The audience of the Old Testament was written to encourage the Israelites to love and obey God more appropriately. The New Testament is based on the coming of Jesus and his fulfillment of the Old Testament laws for an audience that needed less limitations. 
Pettit gives multiple explanations of what a community is but the most relevant is that a community is based on a group of people that are bonded by a common ground. It can be difficult to separate the Old and New Testaments based on community alone because the New Testament is sort of repetitious to the Old Testament. The New Testament uses the Old Testament as a reference point because the audience’s experiences related to solutions given by God once before. Therefore, I believe that God intended for the biblical communities to be simultaneous in their bondage. 
The contrast between the Old and New Testament is prevalent more with spiritual formation than it is with community. The basic understanding of spiritual formation is a person’s relationship with God and the continuation of building the relationship. The way that individuals experienced God during the Old Testament was completely different from how individuals experienced God in the New Testament. Firstly. the obvious difference being the direct experience with Jesus Christ in the New Testament, as opposed to indirect covenants in the Old Testament. Secondly, the Holy Spirit is more widely accessible in the New Testament when Jesus warns that people in John that He will soon have to leave and that they would have to rely on the Holy Spirit as their helper. Spiritual formation was more in depth in the New Testament because of experiences and accessibility, while the Old Testament individuals relied on faith alone. However, both the New and the Old Testament emphasize the importance of spiritual formation as a precedence to prosperity in a relationship with God. 

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