As discussed in this chapter, there are countless ways to conduct research in psychology. View the following examples of some classic research studies in psychology:
Milgram’s Obedience Study

Harlow’s Studies on Dependency in Monkeys

The Stanford Prison Experiment

As highlighted by these studies, psychological research often stems from practical questions about human thought, feeling and behavior. Many investigations start with a simple observation that challenges our assumptions about human nature. For this discussion, you need to think about a question you have about human nature and design a research investigation to explore your question. For example, maybe you have noticed that there seem to be gender differences in jealousy; you could design a research investigation to see if men or women are more jealous. Or, maybe you have noticed that you seem to study better when you are listening to music; you could design a study to test the impact of music on memory. 

Share the following information with the class:

Research question (what are you interested in studying?)
Research methodology (what approach are you proposing?)
Explanation of research design (explain your design using proper terminology from the chapter)
Concerns or considerations (what concerns or considerations would you need to consider if you carried out your study as you designed it?)

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