1. Identify at least two organizational decision-making strategies that you would adopt if you were asked for insight in improving the functioning of one federal, one state, and one local government department or agency. 
2. Summarize the respective missions of the three departments or agencies selected. 
3. Articulate why you believe that the two organizational decision-making strategies selected once implemented would illustrate to the general public how well these three organizations are functioning in meeting their respective missions. 

While answering these questions, students should also take into account decision-making strategies that occur in private organizations (business companies, retail shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.) in terms of meeting desired outcomes/results. Students may select a federal department or agency via the Library of Congress at http://www.loc.gov/rr/news/fedgov.html, a State of Georgia department or agency via Georgia Government at https://georgia.gov/agency-list, and a City of Atlanta local government department or agency via City of Atlanta government at https://www.atlantaga.gov/government/departments. In regards to a state and local government department or agency, students may select a state government department or agency from his/her home state and a local government department or agency from his/her home area if different from Georgia and Atlanta. Examples of departments and agencies include Department of Agriculture, Department of Education, Department Homeland Security, Environmental Protection Agency, Georgia Motor Vehicle Division, Corrections, Human Resources, Family and Children Services, Police, and Parks and Recreation.

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