Much has been made of the new Web 2.0 phenomenon, including social networking sites and user-created mash-ups. How does Web 2.0 change security for the Internet? How do secure software development concepts support protecting applications?  

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Designing set of application principles and techniques for enhancing the web experience is Web 2.0 phenomenon. Every web based application shares different strategy patterns. Web 2.0 is the second generation of WWW. In 2004, Web 2.0 was introduced by Tim O’Reily and Dale Dougherty. It completely transformed the networking to a different level which has multiple options of not just downloading the content from web but we can add, delete new content using the upload option. The gap between the users and data providers is minimized due to establishment of successful connections among them. For better interaction among the users and providers, web 2.0 has established applications using Ajax, RSS with much enhanced network connectivity. Internet made the world small, social and user-friendly. As with any new advancement, there come the security breaches and vulnerabilities in the system. Some of the threats are:
Lacking authentication control: Often users handle the websites data and its content but sometimes because of inexpert users there may cause security vulnerabilities in the system. Unauthorized access can be mainly due to weak passwords which help the hackers to easily attack the system in a network.
Lacking control on Brute force: Brute force attacks in web 2.0 are nothing to do with users. Users will not have any control of such attacks. Secured passwords keeps the account protected but when users chooses the save password or remember username and password options, then there is high chance of brute force attacks.
Software life cycle development can fix most of the Web 2.0 vulnerabilities by defining a process to build, develop, deploy and secure the application from its early stages. Agile, RTC waterfall and multiple methods of lifecycle process can prevent the security threats.


Provide a short narrative on security techniques and mechanisms in protecting against spam activity.

  Find at least ten pieces of spam mail from any account. whether it be home, work, school, or something else. Using the e-mail headers, and any web site might provide information,attempt to trace the spam mail back to its original source.
You will need the following materials.

1. Collect the  emails and view the email header information in your email program.
2.Find the received field in the headers and write down as many DNS names or IP addresses as you can. Also look for common details in the header elements of the different message. such as the same email servers and spammers.

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