Discussion 2: Literature Review Step I

As you complete the courses in your program of study, you will read numerous research articles and other scholarly documents. As you read, you will critically analyze the articles. To prepare for your work in this module, consider what it means to be a critical analyst rather than a reader or consumer of research. Reading an article informs you. Being a critical analyst transforms how you view, read, and respond to research, and it builds the skills you need as a professional scholar who contributes to positive change. As you move through your program, stay cognizant when selecting quality scholarly documents and literature from reliable sources. Visit the Specialization Resources List in the Toolkit section of the Course Overview to see reputable resources for your field of study.
For this Discussion, you will practice the skill of identifying and summarizing information from scholarly resources. To prepare for this Discussion, identify a minimum of four articles related to your selected case study. These articles should add to those noted in the “Further Reading List” document for the case study.
If you have not already done so, download the “Research Article Organizer” Excel document from the Toolkit to your computer. This tool will guide you when identifying key elements of research articles as well as key information.
Apply the tool to each of the four articles you found in order to identify key elements and key information in each article.
By Day 4 (of Module 3)
Submit 2–3 paragraphs that evaluate your experience with the tool. Assess the extent the tool benefited you in organizing and summarizing information. Include the modifications you made (or could make) to the tool to make it more useful to you. Explain why these modifications are beneficial.

i attached 3 samples so all you have to do is reword the samples and make the answer an original – my own

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