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Discussion 12 Cyber law

Discussion 12 Cyber law.  
Complete the following two steps:
A. On the discussion forum, please describe the reasons for having a totally anonymous means of accessing the internet. Please also discuss the dangers of that same internet. Minimum 250 words.
B. Respond to two classmates’ postings. Minimum 100 words per posting.

Response 1 (Ramesh Marella) :

(3 Undeniable Reasons Why You Need Online Anonymity, 2016) The purpose or reason why anyone chooses to access the internet without letting the identity revealed is mainly due to their belief that people abuse the privacy of others and to discourage others to peep into the information belongs to others. There are umpteen use cases/examples with respect to anonymity in current times and we are all stalked left and right by many ads we don’t want to have in our screen times. Particularly the websites are known for anonymity and they intrude into one’s privacy always making it a dangerous place to spend time. Then the question for everyone are there any infringing rights for everyone to look in to stop this menace. Coming to different reasons why anyone wants to be anonymous on the internet world is from the standpoint of 1)you don’t want to reveal who really you are as the fear of someone frames you into illegality or questionable for something you are not aware of. 2)Personal attacks/harassment – for anyone the paramount importance is always the ability in freedom of expression and internet is the only place anyone can seamlessly express their opinions without a fear but there is this issue of personal attacks if one chooses to enter in to the terrain of unknown sites where stalkers are waiting to intrude in to your privacy and snatch all your information in no time with natural consequence of falling in to the trap. There are methods of personal attacks known as “Doxing”, “Swatting”, and “Revenge Porn”. 3)Sensitivity – most of the people choose to be anonymous while trying to figure the answers for some bodily problems and naturally they fall into the trap of intruders for the same reason. This is all because you want to have secrecy, by all means, avoiding everyone concerned around you for no reason. (How to Browse the Web Anonymously to Hide Your Identity, 2006) If anyone wants to be anonymous during the online sessions, the methods to hide your identity is a)don’t let the IP address to go by using web proxy b)connect any site using a VPN way c) choose the incognito/private browsing session d) use secure engines such as DuckDuckgo which blocks the advertising and maintain the history private etc.,
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Response 2 (Anusha Bireddy)
“The Reasons for Having a Totally Anonymous Means of Accessing the Internet”
Anonymity is described as the state of being unrecognized.  Technological developments have played a great role in the changing of the internet community. The aspect of anonymity has been critical in the accessing of the internet as it impacts social values (Nicoll, Prins, & Dellen, 2003). Additionally, anonymous means of accessing the internet has elicited mixed reactions as it has been a subject of various heated court cases.
Anonymous means of accessing the internet is important in the contemporary digital world. In the recent past, the question of whether the aspect of anonymous means of accessing the internet should be applicable in the current world or whether online anonymity should be eradicated and considered illegal. The aspect of feels anonymity is a critical subject and for the protection of freedom of expression, the accession of the internet should not be eliminated (Aspinall, Murray, & Dinah, 2006).  Some people have argued that individuals accessing the internet should state their intentions without hiding behind anonymity. However, the technology current technology provides for limitless service providers. People continue to apply the internet as anonymous. Additionally, pseudonymous remailers as well as posting sites that are presently by many people while sending an email and posting to the internet have continued to exist.
However, having a totally anonymous means of accessing the internet is against social morals and ethics. It is argued that the use of anonymity carries abusive activities to the people and to the society at large. Generally, extreme abuse of the internet has been one of the daunting impacts of anonymity. This is in addition to abusive frolicsome emails sent from anonymous email senders.
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Discussion 12 Cyber law

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